Thank You

Thank you for your kind and generous donation to the North Platte Area Children’s Museum.

The North Platte Area Children’s Museum promotes learning for children of all ages and abilities through interactive, informal, hands-on exhibits, demonstrations as well as special camps, programs and events.  The North Platte Area Children’s Museum is dedicated to serving the needs of children, families, and schools as a center of learning and discovery.

We are a private 501(c )(3) that receives no city, state, or federal tax dollars.  We rely on businesses and individuals to help us provide affordable, playful opportunities for children to learn, create, explore, and discover.

We need your support to help us keep our interactive exhibits and educational programming new and full of wonder.

A donation to the North Platte Aread Children’s Museum helps:

  • Maintain vibrant exhibits and programming that continuously inspire children to learn and grow.
  • Bring new experiences and added learning opportunities through traveling exhibits.
  • Offer reduced fees to the young children in our area that need it most.
  • Provide high-quality family time in a place where children and adults learn together through play.
  • Support parents in their most important role as their child’s first teacher.
  • Encourage educators as they inspire our children to become life-long learners.

Thank you for your support!